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Expertencheck Luftreiniger24

Ozongenerator 5000 bis 20000mg/h- 5g-20g/h – Timer



"Für den absoluten Profigebrauch"


Spezifikation: 20G ozone output,

15-135 minutes timer, also continous function, remote control Grade from 1- 4, adjustment from 5G, 10G,15G and 20G ozone output 4PC high qualtiy ceramic ozone plate.

90*70MM ,

Over 5000 hours working time Power consumption: 260W

Input voltage: 220-240 Volt,

3 Amp, 50/60Hz

Air flow Volume: 170 CFM

Product size: 202x379x215 MM

Packing size: 470x300x380MM

N. W. /G. W.: 6.2KGS/7.5KGS

Application Area: 48000sq.ft (4800m2 )

Supply gas: Ambient

Air Remote Control/Manual: 19~32ft. (6~10m)

Features: Powerful, low noise level, portable, light and easy maintenance High-powered oxidation in a compact, rugged, and simple design.

All inner terminals and screws are stainless steel material Heat sink to reduce the heat on the ozone plate, longer lifespan Stainless steel pre-filter to remove large particle High quality electronic parts, UL listed fan


1, the laboratory: materials, oxidation, fading, and the effect of small scale sewage treatment experiments.

2, the beverage processing industry: such as purified water, mineral water, beverages such as the production of water disinfection.

3, fruit and vegetable processing industry: If the vegetable storage, preservation, processing and production of water and so on.

4, the food processing industry: such as the production of water, production workshop, sterile room, equipment, tools and so on.

5, the pharmaceutical industry: production, such as water, central air conditioning systems, shop, locker room, sterile room.

6, the medical industry: such as hospital wards, operating theaters, medical equipment, sterile room

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